Embracing My Roots: The Journey of Abu Bakarr Kamara’s passion for African clothing and Shop-Hadia.

Embracing My Roots: The Journey of Abu Bakarr Kamara’s passion for African clothing and Shop-Hadia.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, everyone! I’m Abu Bakarr Kamara, a proud mix of Sierra Leonean and Guinean heritage. As the co-owner of Shop-Hadia, I’ve embarked on a journey that’s not just about business but about passion, culture, and the celebration of African clothing. Today, I want to share my passion for African clothing and the vision behind Shop-Hadia with you.

Where does your appreciation for african fashion come from?

Growing up in a household that celebrated two rich cultures, both very similar, I was always fascinated by the vibrant textiles, intricate designs, and the stories woven into each piece of traditional African clothing. My parents often shared tales of our ancestors and the significance of various garments in our culture. This instilled in me a deep appreciation for our traditions and an eagerness to share them with the world.

Why Shop-Hadia?

The idea for Shop-Hadia was born from a simple desire: to bring the beauty of African clothing to a global audience while supporting local artisans and communities (Street children) back home. My partner and I envisioned a platform where people from all walks of life could explore and fall in love with African fashion, just as I did.

At Shop-Hadia, we curate a collection that is as diverse as the continent itself. From the colourful wax prints of West Africa to the intricate beadwork of East Africa, each piece tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and creativity. We work directly with artisans and small-scale producers, ensuring that every purchase supports sustainable livelihoods and helps preserve traditional crafts.

What motivates you to grow this brand? 

What drives me is not just the business aspect but the opportunity to connect cultures. Through Shop-Hadia, I aim to bridge the gap between my African roots and the global community. It’s a platform where fashion serves as a language, conveying messages of unity, strength, and pride. We celebrate the diversity of African clothing, not just as attire but as a form of expression and identity.

 My journey with Shop-Hadia has been incredibly rewarding. From the excitement of discovering new artisans to the joy of seeing customers embrace African fashion, every moment reaffirms my passion for this venture. It’s more than selling clothes; it’s about sharing a piece of my heritage and watching it resonate with others, regardless of their background.

What is your dream with Shop-Hadia?

As we continue to grow, my vision for Shop-Hadia remains unwavering. I dream of it becoming a space where African fashion is not just appreciated but celebrated for its richness and diversity. I want to inspire young Africans and diaspora communities to wear their heritage proudly and to see traditional clothing not as something from the past but as a vibrant part of our contemporary lives.

Any other words to the readers?

To everyone who has supported us, whether by purchasing from Shop-Hadia, attending our events or simply sharing our story, I am deeply grateful. You are helping to make a dream come true, not just for me but for the artisans and communities we work with.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Let’s continue to celebrate African fashion, culture, and heritage together.

With love and gratitude,

In Pulaar “on djarama” (thank you all) 

In krio “una tenki” (thank you all)

Abu Bakarr Kamara 

Text by Abu Bakarr Kamara.

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