Special Orders

Shophadia believes that every single person should be able to wear whatever they desire. To end, Shophadia differentiates itself from other web shops by providing its customers with the possibility of placing special orders. This translates into the customer’s ability to place an order different from what is offered by the shop.

Meaning, that if one sees a design that they find appealing, but it is not offered in our shop, Shophadia will order that specific design to be made for the customer.

These products will, of course, cost the customer a little more, and will take some time to be delivered since they will have to be made first. Though this process requires some time, it will be totally worth it.

To place a special order the customer can contact us via the form below. We recommend for the customer to include a picture of what they wish to be designed as well as their sizes. A phone number is also recommended for smoother communication.

Contact us for more information

We will get back to you within 4 working days.