From a rocky start to a new beginning

From a rocky start to a new beginning

Rocky start


Shop-Hadia launched in the summer of 2019 with the aim of promoting African fashion in Europe, and contributing to social change by campaign on behalf of street children in Labé. In the first two years the shop has not been able do as much as it wanted. The reason behind this, mainly is the fact that founder Hadiatou Barry was persevering in her studies. Directly after launching the shop she went on exchange. During this time she was on able to properly manage the shop, and by the time she got back to the Netherlands, Covid19 happened. Shop-Hadia had a rocky start.

Some impact


Nevertheless, Shop-Hadia was able to launch three collections during its first two years, and managed to realise many special orders. In addition, with the proceeds generated from the shop, she was in those years able to feed up to 27 street children, and even allow two additional children who still live with their parents, but who were at risk of ending up on the streets because of poverty, to continue their education.

Hadiatou is of the opinion that no matter how little the effort, every bit helps. Having completed her degree in European Studies, she is now more than ever, eager to invest her time in Shop-Hadia and its goal. In the period to come she will relaunch her shop and promote it as the sustainable and ethical slow fashion brand it is.

New beginnings


With new found commitment comes change. Shop-Hadia's ownership is now shared. Hadiatou decided to partner with her friend Abubakarr Kamara to realize the potential of Shop-Hadia. The two are eager to organise events, masterclasses and get togethers to share their story and promote African fashion. Keep an eye to the blogs and follow Shop-Hadia on social media to stay updated on their new adventures.


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