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Hasana Dress Hasana Dress
Hasana Dress
Normale prijs €120,00 Verkoopprijs €80,00
Elhadji Shirt Elhadji Shirt Elhadji Shirt
Elhadji Shirt
Normale prijs €40,00
Hassatou Dress Hassatou Dress
Hassatou Dress
Normale prijs €120,00 Verkoopprijs €80,00
Sean Shirt Sean Shirt Sean Shirt Sean Shirt
Sean Shirt
Normale prijs €55,80 Verkoopprijs €40,00
Lisboa Kimono Dress Lisboa Kimono Dress Lisboa Kimono Dress
Lisboa Kimono Dress
Normale prijs €115,00 Verkoopprijs €79,95
Boubacar Shirt Boubacar Shirt
Boubacar Shirt
Normale prijs €60,95 Verkoopprijs €45,00
Mila Bag Mila Bag Mila Bag
Mila Bag
Normale prijs €60,00
Africa bracelet Africa bracelet
Africa bracelet
Normale prijs €12,00
Adna Bag Adna Bag
Adna Bag
Normale prijs €20,00
Hadia gift card
Minimumprijs €10,00 Maximumprijs €200,00

Shop-Hadia A Brand with A purpose

Escape to sunnier days with Shop-Hadia. The African inspired fashion brand that brings the best out of you. Our brand is about more than just looking good – it's about making impact. That's why we engage in ethical production practices to create beautifully handcrafted designs that will help you make a statement and a difference.

Shop-Hadia is a sustainable slow fashion brand. We invest in local designers and in brighter futures. 10 % of all our proceeds are used to educate orphans in Guinea. By shopping with us you are choosing for slow fashion, sustainable fashion and ethical fashion. You are simply contributing to making a lasting impact in the world.

Together we make the world a little better, one design at the time.